Transfer your Domain Name to us FREE

Transfer your Domain Name to us FREE

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What is a registrar transfer?
A Registrar transfer is moving your domain name from one domain Registrar to another.

Who owns my domain name?
You still own your domain name and keep full control of it

How much will it cost?

The transfer is Free if you order your web hosting through us. (Web Hosting costs €79 + VAT)

Otherwise the transfer fee is € 12.99 for .com/ .net /.org/.info/.biz and €29 for .ie domain names. That includes a one year extension to your domain name registration period.

All prices are subject to VAT


How does the transfer process work?

All you need to do is fill in the form below and pay for the domain transfer fee We will send a request for confirmation that you wish to transfer your domain name to the Registered Admin Contact.

As soon as you have confirmed the transfer we will contact your domains registrar to transfer the domain name.

Please fill in the form below to begin the transfer process.



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