Website Performance Report

Website PerformanceIs your web site working as hard for you as it could be?

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  • Is it listed with the leading search engines?
  • How many sites link to it?
  • Is it optimised for a high search engine ranking?
  • Is it costing you too much to keep online?
  • Does it display correctly
    On different web browsers?
    At different screen resolutions?

Find out whether your site is listed with the top search
, if there are any design problems and see if there are ways you can save money on your web site

We can provide a report on your web site performance stating how many pages of your web site are listed with major search engines, any major design faults and suggest ways you could make it more profitable.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this report is € 50 but if you use us to implement the changes we suggest, we will deduct the cost of this report from our invoice to you. Making this report free.

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