One of the ads in this video will give your Google account details to scammers. Can you spot which one?

Just by looking it is almost impossible to see which Google ad is a phishing scam. That’s because it is probably using a legitimate account at has most likely been hacked.


In the real world, the phishing ad would not be outlined in red with the other ads blacked out but the video shows the actual ad.

When you click on this ad here you are brought to a very legitimate -looking login page asking for your Google AdWords account login.

If you fill in this form you have just sent your login details to the scammers so they can start running similar ads to this on your account.

So how do you know when it is safe?

As a rule of thumb, you should never give login details after clicking on an ad link or a link in your email. Only give your login details when you are 100% certain you are on the correct site.


You can check that the site is correct by looking at your web address bar.

As you can see this address is incorrect.

So when you click on a link even from a legitimate source such as Google or an email contact that you know, never give out your login details without being certain it is safe.