Link Building Campaigns

Link BuildingNearly all Search Engines use a sites link popularity (the amount of web sites that carry alink pointing to your site) as a criteria for ranking your Web site.

Google for instance uses it as its main criteria and will not list your site unless you have at least one link pointing to it.

Achieving that No. 1 ranking now requires not only the perfect mix of content and keywords but also your site must be considered popular by Search Engines, because of this link building is a vital part of any web marketing campaign

Not only do incoming links send you much-needed traffic from other Web Sites, they also increase your ranking with the majority of the major search engines including Google.

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Creating quality Backlinks can be like walking on eggshells because what is a perfectly acceptable method of link building today may be precisely the kind of tactic that will trigger a Google penalty in the coming months.

Reciprocal linking are a good example of this and is the practice of trading links with related websites. A few years ago reciprocal link building was the quickest, easiest way of increasing your search engine rankings. These days the major search engines have changed their ranking algorithm to discount reciprocal links. In fact, excessive reciprocal linking can get your site penalized and dropped from the rankings. It is specifically mentioned in googles guidelines as something not to do.

That is why you should never trust your link building campaign to a cheap term that may build low-quality Backlinks that will cause you severe problems in the future.

Incoming links are still the number one factor in where your website is ranked so it is vital that you create good quality incoming links

Only related links count
Search Engines only count links from related sites in their calculations on how to rank your site. For example, if you are an Irish hotel website and you have received an incoming link from a website about computers, the search engines will not count that link in their algorithm.

Instant Traffic
Another advantage of incoming links is that they provide instant traffic. If you are starting from scratch, it can take weeks or even months for a Search Engine to list your site in a prominent position and attaining a high ranking for your chosen keywords can take upwards of a year. That is where we come in, Nuasoft Web Marketing Ireland can create a link building campaign for you that will increase your profile on the major search engines.

Our approach is different.

We believe that the only links that will count in the long run are links that are voluntarily given by authoritative websites to a website that has exceptional content.

To accomplish this, we find outstanding content on your website and if there is no outstanding content on your site we can create that for you.

Then we research high authority websites that would like to link to this content and we personally contact the site owners informing them of your content and asking them to link to you.

As you can imagine, this is a very time-consuming process and does not come cheap because attaining a single high-quality link to your site could take upwards of serveral week’s work.

There are plenty of cheap ” link building” companies out there who can promise you links for incredibly low prices. The tactics they use normally include commenting on blog posts, adding links to forums and many more tactics that if used in small amounts will not make any significant difference to your linking profile but if the large amounts will almost certainly result in a penalty from Google.

How much does it cost?

Our link building campaign packages start at €1000 per month. So to get your site competing with the market leaders please contact us.