Russell-CourtIt can be an online catalogue of all your products and services, a brochure for your company that can be easily changed at any time to let people know about your latest deals you are offering.

If people want to know what you sell or see examples of what you do, you can direct them to your website.

It is open 24-7-365 days a year.

This means that you are no longer missing customers because you were closed and no more answering machine messages of phones hanging up because you are contactable atall times via your website. You can of course read the messages when ever you like, unlike the phone.


It’s much more convenient for clients to research your product or service on the Internet than to get in their car and drive to a shop or pick up the phone. So you are offering your customers convenience.

If you are not offering your customers the convenience of letting them know all about you and your business on the Internet, the chances are that they will go to somebody who is.

It is far cheaper and more flexible than print advertising.

Your advertising space, which is exactly what your website is, a place for you to advertise your business is far cheaper than most printed advertisements and is accessible for as long as you want to be.

Also, you can change your details when ever you like, try doing that with a Newspaper ad.

You can use it to promote your physical business. An example of this would be to put vouchers on your site that clients can print off and redeem at your business. The UCI cinema run promotions from time to time where you can print off vouchers for a discount on your tickets, this is a great way of using your website to attract business to your physical address.

You can also add a Google map to your website showing how to get to your place of business.

It also provides Customer feedback.

Back in the 90s, marketing was pretty much a one-way approach whereby you told people what you did and if they were interested they would get in touch. Now because of the Internet, marketing is a two way experience.

You can instantly get feedback from your website visitors on your products and marketing approach by adding ways for them to easily contact you via the website.

You can provide convenient support for your customers.

You can offer a 24 7 support service via your website which can eliminate clients calling you at the wrong time.

If you do not have a website now is the time to get one.

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