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Mobile Friendly Web Design. One Site Fits All.

Responsive Web Design

  • Responsive Design that Displays Beautifully on Tablet & Mobile Phones.
  • No Need For a Separate Mobile Site
  • Mobile Friendly Web Design that Ranks Higher on Google
  • No Charge for your Domain Name Registration, 1st years Hosting or Email.
  • Easily Update Your Site Using a Content Management System
  • Prices From €699 + V.A.T.

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What is Mobile Friendly Web Design?

Also known as  responsive web design, a mobile friendly website is site that adjusts to display beautifully on any device is a PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or any smart phone or tablet.

A true mobile friendly website will do this by resizing content to fit the viewer, be it a phone, pc or tablet without the need to create a second website that is made specifically for mobile phones and another site made for tablets like the ipad.

If you have a website it is vitally important that is a mobile friendly web design.

Up until recently there were two different options for getting your website to display correctly on mobile devices, first one was to create a separate version of your website that will display on mobile phones. That rarely works well because they would not display on all devices such as tablets etc is also the inconvenience of having to update two sites every time you want to make a change.

Don’t buy a separate mobile version of your website

Google’s preferred solution is for a design the resizes to all screens. This also ensures that your website is optimised for tablets such as the iPad.

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Why should my company have a mobile friendly website design?

Responsive or mobile friendly website design is the best and most popular option for companies who desire an easy to use user interface and greater client retention. If your Irish business has actually come this far without benefiting from all the advantages of a mobile friendly website, you could be noticing lower visitor numbers and a frustratingly low conversion rate.

Mobile Friendly Web Design Ranks Higher on Google.

One April 21st 2015 Google launched its “Mobilegeddon” update to give mobile friendly website design is a higher ranking in the search engines. Google also stated that its preferred option was a responsive site that would adjust to different screen sizes rather than separate websites for mobile and desktop usage

This is because Google has altered its algorithm so that on searches made on mobile phones such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc, mobile friendly websites designs will be given a higher ranking over a website that is not mobile friendly. There are exceptions for this such as if someone is searching for your company name you should still rank highly for that term because your website is very relevant to your company but if you want to rank for terms related to what your business does, your business will suffer without a mobile friendly website.

I’m sure you have noticed that when you make a search on your mobile phone you will more than likely find a mobile friendly website at the top of the search results, you might also notice that Google now labels these websites as mobile friendly so you know that they will display correctly on your mobile phone.

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A Few Facts about Mobile Friendly Web Design

  • If you do not have a mobile friendly web design, according to Google 60% of your visitors will leave your website immediately if they are using a smart phone.
  • The usage of smart phones and tablets has overtaken desktop usage in Ireland so you will need to to get your responsive Mobile Friendly web design as soon as you can.
  • Google reports that over half of smart phone users perform mobile searches on their phones every day.

A Google Study Stated The Following:

  • 36 % stated they seemed like they had wasted their time by checking out a non-mobile friendly website.
  • 20 % of visitors to a mobile friendly site resulted in an instant call to action (click-to-call).
  • 52 % stated a disappointment on their mobile phone made them less most likely to engage with a brand.
  • On the other hand two-thirds stated they were most likely to communicate or purchase with a business that was mobile friendly.

Mobile web use is growing at an incredibly fast rate in Ireland and throughout the world. This provides you with a massive opportunity to gain more visitors from the Irish mobile market. If your competitors do not have a mobile website you can be fairly certain that they will not be showing the search engine results for mobile phones for general search queries about they type of business they are in.

Get one step ahead of your competition, get your mobile friendly website now.

Mobile Friendly web sites make content management a lot easier.

If you have numerous sites that have actually been developed for various platforms. e.g mobiles, tablets and various screen resolutions, you are going to have a difficult time updating each version of your site. This is because you will need to update the pc/laptop version, then update the mobile phone version.

By having a responsive mobile friendly web design you can consolidate all your sites into one design making altering your material much easier and having one site that looks fantastic in all resolutions.

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