What are Sub Domains?

Available on all our web hosting plans, a sub domain is a way of creating a seperate account within your main account. SubDomains can be accessed via their own unique separate urls.

They are an excellent way of dividing your site into different categories allowing you to focus each sub domain on a separate aspect of your business.

For example:

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A subdomain is a sub folder within the public_http level of your account that has it’s own cgi-bin directory.

An example of a Sub Domain of yourdomain.com would be newdomain.yourdomain.com.

This feature is useful if you want to divide up your site into different sections.

Your sub domain will be based on a sub folder in your main web directory

For example:http://subdomain.nuasoft.com is the same as http://nuasoft.com/subdomain

To set up your Sub Domains

  • Contact support and request that subdomains are activated on your account.
  • Set up the sub domain via your control panel by clicking on the sub domains link in Cpanel
  • Enter the text for the new subdomain in the field in the “Add subdomain” area.
  • When you log on to your site via ftp you will see a new folder created in your public_html folder with the same name as the folder you create, this is your subdomain folder.
  • Upload your subdomain site into your new folder