TrafficYahoo goes on a diet as it cuts more services on its portfolio.

In an attempt to slim down, Yahoo has announced even more cuts to its huge range of product offerings.

The most notable cuts are of Yahoo voices and the Yahoo contribute network. With voices due to shut down on July 21 and contributor shutting down at the end of August.

These two sites focused on creating content using a network of authors for Yahoo contributors and user generated content for Yahoo voices.

There is speculation that the closure of these two services is due to fall out from the  Google panda algorithm which targets websites that Google considers to be “content farms”.

Yahoo bought Associated Content in 2010, a website content publishing house after it was badly hit by a Panda update, Yahoo shut down Associated Content in 2011, deleting over 75,000 pages of content and moving what was left over to Yahoo voices.

Some of the other products that are being axed include:

  • People search which was shut down on July 2nd.
  • is due to be shut down but many of its features have been incorporated into Yahoo mail as of July 2.
  • Yahoo Shine which is due to close on July 31st.
  • Yahoo toolbar on Chrome.

Services closed down earlier this year include:

  • Newlook Service: Closed On April 30
  • Research Reports: Yahoo Finance, Closed On April 30
  •  Closed on May 26th

Will you miss any of these services? Let us know in the comments.